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Monthly Archives: June 2019


Essential Elements of Florida Corporate Compliance

By Hunt Law |

Do you know whether your business is complying with all government regulations regarding reporting and operations? All businesses are required to have company policies that teach their employees how to handle and respond to a variety of situations, as well as file accurate financial statements. Failure to comply with governmental regulations and rules can… Read More »

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Questions Investors Should be Asking Before Investing in a Startup

By Hunt Law |

Taking a risk on investing in a startup can pay off with significant returns, but every venture has its risks. With startups, there is no guarantee the business will take off, and, if it fails, investors could wind up with nothing. If you’re looking for investors for your new startup, it’s important that you… Read More »

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SEC Issues Proposal to Improve Disclosures Related to Businesses’ Acquisitions and Dispositions

By Hunt Law |

Earlier this month, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) voted in favor of creating amendments that would improve the amount of information that investors would receive in regard to acquisition and disposition of businesses. These proposed amendments would also help facilitate more timely access to capital as well as reduce compliance costs and complexity… Read More »

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Choosing Between LLC or Corporation: Which is Better for Your Florida Business?

By Hunt Law |

Starting a new business is exciting, but it can also be overwhelming, especially for small business owners who aren’t exactly sure what type of business entity is right for them. Two of the most common types are the Limited Liability Company, typically known as an LLC, and the corporation. However, there is also another… Read More »

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