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Outside Corporate Counsel

A general counsel is the chief lawyer of a legal department, usually in a corporation or government department.

A general counsel’s roles include furnishing legal advice to the corporation’s board of directors, CEO, and other senior executives. But a contemporary general counsel often occupies other roles as well, each complex and additionally interlinked in many ways. These linkages may be beneficial to a corporation and society more generally. Nonetheless, general counsel’s position has often been characterized as ambiguous, a characterization that suggests that not all occupants of the position succeed in balancing its multiple roles in either a professionally or socially satisfactory manner. Alternatively, any ambiguity in defining the role of general counsel, if such ambiguity exists, might not reflect any specific or general lack of balance. Such "ambiguity" may instead reflect the fact that each entity that has general counsel may have diverse and independent needs to the extent that a single definition of counsel's roles is not useful.

We serve as "outside corporate counsel" for many of our corporate clients and handle those matters that are brought to our attention by our clients from time-to-time.


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